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Portable Airway Aerosol Containment & Evacuation Capsule

Portable Airway Aerosol Containment & Evacuation Capsule

Portable Airway Aerosol Containment & Evacuation Capsule – PAACE Capsule


Patent Pending

This Portable Negative Pressure Isolation Capsule is used for Aerosol Generating Procedures such as intubation, high flow oxygen, cpap, extubation, gastroscopy, nebuliser, tracheotomy. The Capsule is fitted to patients that are contagious or infectious to prevent the contamination of Doctors, Nurses, first responders and visiting loved ones. The capsule also reduces the contamination of environments such as hospital theatres, emergency departments, ICU’s, medical centres, as the patient passes through them and then the need for lengthy cleaning down time of each department room.

While this negative pressure isolation capsule has so many more uses in dentistry, ENT, defence, burn patients and transportation to name a few, the current focus is on its use during the current pandemic fighting the COVID virus.

The portability of the Capsule means it can be fitted by first responders in the patients home with a portable suction unit capable of creating a negative pressure isolation capsule, limiting the infection of the first responders and their environments such as ambulances, helicopters, planes and rescue ships and allowing the safe passage of the patient.

PAACE Capsule is a disposable unit for single use.

Successfully Completed Chamber Procedures

  • Bag Mask Ventilation
  • Endotracheal Intubation
  • Awake Fibreoptic Intubation
  • Surgical Airway
  • Application of High Flow Nasal Oxygen or CPAP

Potential to perform other High Aerosol Risk Procedures such as Gastroscopy, Dental or ENT procedures.




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