What do you need to know about effective customised cosmetics packaging design?

What do you need to know about effective customised cosmetics packaging design?

Women worldwide have long considered cosmetics to be essential items in their wardrobes. Therefore, beauty products have always found a place in our everyday lives, whether in handbags or desk drawers. To keep them appealing, a great custom packaging company always strives to create the right designs. With such a lucrative industry, countless competitors spend millions on marketing campaigns every year. As a start-up, it is easy to be swallowed by more extensive and established companies with brand names already ingrained in people’s minds. Therefore, cosmetic companies must set themselves apart from their competition by using customised packaging design by a quality custom packaging company to be successful in this highly competitive industry.

Listed below are some important factors to consider when designing effective customised cosmetics packaging 


The packaging designed by Abbey Manufacturing is simple yet striking, and with great colour combinations, it can be very effective and achieve great results. A minimalistic and simple design means you omit unnecessary details in the packaging that may confuse the buyer and lead to confusion between the two. Remembering that minimalist designs can stand out on otherwise noisy and cluttered shelves is important.

Luxurious effect with foil stamping

You can use gold and silver foil stamps to add a luxurious touch to the packaging of your products. With the help of foil stamps, you can give your products a stunning feel that will appeal to the eye and make them look amazing. Also, foil stamping can be very cost-effective but, at the same time, provides a high-quality look that is very eye-catching on a shelf.

Enhance haptic experience

Your packaging’s haptic appeal can have a significant impact on the decision that buyers make. You can create visual complexity by embossing your brand message or graphic to add a new dimension to the image. When you use texture to create depth in your packaging designed by a custom packaging company, you can highlight elements of your branding, such as your brand name, to make your packaging stand out and the company’s logo.

Make your logo the centre of attention

The minimalist style appeals to people who dislike being bombarded with too much information. The classic packaging designed by Abbey Manufacturing certainly works, as it communicates to people that your product is worth buying and that you don’t need to use too many words to convince them to make the purchase. In a minimalist design, your brand logo is the centre of attention, a lot of space is used creatively, and there is simple typography.

Choose eco-friendly packaging

The emergence of sustainable packaging has significantly increased customers’ attention to a brand’s environmental efforts. Sustainable packaging refers to the effort you make to minimise waste on paper and design packaging that can be repurposed, reused, or recycled to conserve natural resources. One of the most common sustainable packaging offered by a quality  custom packaging company structures, simple tuck-end kraft boxes and pillow boxes without coatings are two of the most used types.

Go Premium

When establishing a brand that strives to deliver premium products, you must ensure that your approach is uniform and that your cosmetic custom packaging is unique and one-of-a-kind for your brand. There is no doubt that premium quality boxes will always impress your customers, not only because they are of the highest quality but also extremely durable. Hence, they are great for storage and decorative purposes. Working with a custom packaging company such as Abbey Manufacturing can help you achieve your branding goals and fulfil your vision.

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