Elevate your Brand with Custom Presentation Boxes

Elevate your Brand with Custom Presentation Boxes

You can have the best product available in the Australian market. Its quality and craftsmanship can be vastly superior to anything your competition has to offer. However, if your customers are receiving your products in a run-of-the-mill cardboard box, then you may be losing business. It’s just that simple.

Competing in today’s marketplace requires a brand that stands apart from the crowd. It’s about making a lasting impression. Your cardboard presentation boxes should immediately distinguish your product above all others. Customers should instantaneously come away impressed with your product's presentation. That simply doesn’t happen if you haven't invested in high-quality, durable packaging.

Still not convinced? Here are several reasons why wowing your customer with custom presentation boxes is critical to your business’s success.

It’s All About Your Brand

When you think about your brand, what’s the first thought that comes to mind? Some Australian companies think about the quality of their product. Others might reflect upon the strength of their engineering and design. Some think about the thoroughness of their customer service and after-sales support teams.

Your company may have all these aforementioned strengths and more. You may very well be ahead of your Sydney market in every measurable way. However, only your brand can convey these selling points. Unfortunately, you’re not able to speak directly with every customer about your company’s strengths — but cutting-edge presentation boxes can.

Eye-catching wooden presentation boxes showcase your brand’s uniqueness. They provide a visual presentation of the value and workmanship of your product. They define your quality and give customers that warm feeling that something special awaits them. In many ways, it’s akin to the feeling one has when receiving a present — and everybody loves presents.

The best brands don’t skimp on packaging. They don’t opt for the cheapest option. They understand that presenting their product is as important as what goes into making that product. For these companies, their product is the cake and their presentation boxes are the cherry. They simply cannot have one without the other.

A Better Customer Experience

By now, every company is well aware of the importance of customer retention. Everyone has heard about the well-known statistic that it costs a company five times more to find new customers than keep existing ones. However, keeping customers isn’t just about solving their problems. It’s not just about reaching out to customers only when they complain.

Increasing customer retention begins and ends with improving the customer experience. That means presenting customers with a product they will cherish. It means reinforcing that “feel-good” feeling on each and every order. The right packaging and presentation boxes are part of that customer experience. When you consider that 43% of today’s customers spend more on the brands they feel loyal to, it’s easy to see why photography presentation boxes are so important.

Black presentation boxes are the ideal way to thank your customer for their business. They build excitement and anticipation about what’s inside. They demonstrate how much you’ve invested in providing your customer with a product they’ll appreciate. These selling points speak volumes about your company and product in a way no marketing strategy can.

Building Brand Champions

Part of what makes a brand successful is having customers who stand behind that brand. These are the customers whose loyalty and devotion are above and beyond that of a typical customer. These brand champions shout from the rooftops. They want everyone to know about the brand they love and cherish.

Brand champions push their favourite brands to their family, coworkers, friends, and other like-minded individuals. They can also potentially provide word-of-mouth advertising through social media. However, they won’t get excited about a poorly packaged product. They won’t share their experience if they receive an unsecured product bouncing and moving around inside a non-descript cardboard box.

The right presentation box closes the deal. Whether they realise it or not, brand champions love their brands because of how they’re presented. A regular cardboard box just doesn’t cut it.

Winning and Keeping New Customers

It takes a considerable amount of time, resources, and capital to win new customers. However, building a strong social media presence and investing in marketing and sales accomplishes little if new customers never return. Unfortunately, many companies don’t often do a deep dive into why that happens. They simply invest even more time and capital in marketing.

New customers are understandably apprehensive when buying from a new company. They’ve heard all the promises. They’ve seen it all before only to be let down. They don’t appreciate spending their hard-earned money only to receive a product that’s damaged because of poor packaging and subpar presentation.

It doesn’t matter how fast you replace their order or how good your customer service team is, what your replacement policy is or how many future discounts you provide. All that matters is your new customer is not happy. The first impression is a lasting impression, and your new customer is clearly not impressed.

This is largely why today’s consumers are so picky about the brands they attach themselves to. They build up their anticipation and excitement, anxiously waiting for their order to arrive. All that goodwill is wasted when a new customer receives a damaged product simply because the company didn’t think it was important enough to invest in high-quality presentation boxes.

So, understanding how fickle today’s customers are, and how easily packages can become damaged, does it make sense to use a regular cardboard box for your product? Of course, it doesn’t.

Your customers deserve better and so does your reputation.

The Abbey Group: The Ideal Packaging Partner

The Abbey Group is a 100% Australian company whose customer-centric focus has made it the preeminent packaging source for Melbourne and Sydney customers. Our in-house printing capabilities and cutting-edge manufacturing completely eliminate the middleman so you’re constantly provided with a cost-effective packaging solution.

If you’re interested in working with a forward-thinking packaging company that will help build and grow your brand, contact us now.

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