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Portable Airway Aerosol Containment & Evacuation Capsule – PAACE Capsule


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This Portable Negative Pressure Isolation Capsule is used for Aerosol Generating Procedures such as intubation, high flow oxygen, cpap, extubation, gastroscopy, nebuliser, tracheotomy. The Capsule is fitted to patients that are contagious or infectious to prevent the contamination of Doctors, Nurses, first responders and visiting loved ones. The capsule also reduces the contamination of environments such as hospital theatres, emergency departments, ICU’s, medical centres, as the patient passes through them and then the need for lengthy cleaning down time of each department room.

While this negative pressure isolation capsule has so many more uses in dentistry, ENT, defence, burn patients and transportation to name a few, the current focus is on its use during the current pandemic fighting the COVID virus.

The portability of the Capsule means it can be fitted by first responders in the patients home with a portable suction unit capable of creating a negative pressure isolation capsule, limiting the infection of the first responders and their environments such as ambulances, helicopters, planes and rescue ships and allowing the safe passage of the patient.

PAACE Capsule is a disposable unit for single use.

Successfully Completed Chamber Procedures

  • Bag Mask Ventilation

  • Endotracheal Intubation

  • Awake Fibreoptic Intubation

  • Surgical Airway

  • Application of High Flow Nasal Oxygen or CPAP

Potential to perform other High Aerosol Risk Procedures such as Gastroscopy, Dental or ENT procedures.


Negative Pressure Capsule

PAACE capsule is manufactured from a flexible clear vinyl (Latex free) allowing for ease of movement of the capsule and patient. Capsule’s maximum volume is 325 litres.

Fitted with 3 ports (22mm ID) suitable for hepa air filters, push in fit (testing & simulations the Pall BB50TE air filters were used).

2 ports to be used for air entrainment.

1 port is used for suction to create a negative pressure environment.

Arm/Hard Access Ports

PAMS Chamber is also fitted with 3 sets of interior arm/hand access ports to allow medical teams to assist each other to perform basic patient care to more complex airway management and possible invasive surgical intervention. The gloves fitted to the chamber can be used as supplied for procedures or the doctor can fit any surgical glove over the top to gain a tighter fit.

All airway or surgical equipment, gloves, masks, consumables, etc. that may be required for patient management have the option to be placed inside the Chamber prior to placement and fitting of the chamber to the patient.

Asset Access Ports

PAMS Chamber is fitted with 2 sleeved access ports, which allow the medical teams to feed through or out the Chamber airway circuits and suction tubes, monitoring leads, cabling, etc. Once these are in place, a peel off tape adhesive strap formes a sealing band to conform around these sleeved access ports, creating a seal.

Storage and Waste Pockets

On the back wall of the PAMS Chamber we have 2 internal pockets that will allow staff to ready pack the chamber and a waste pocket all to help with housekeeping inside the chamber,

Storage pocket is used to preload the chamber with gloves, masks, consumables, and surgical equipment such as a laryngoscope, bougie, endotracheal tube and lubricant.

Waste pocket to store infected waste consumables and packaging inside the chamber.

Airlock Bags

PAMS Chamber is fitted with 2 additional airlock bags that allow for passing any additional theatre equipment, surgical trays, medications, or devices into the Chamber that was not thought about in the prepack storage pockets. This might be specific equipment required for an emergency procedure.

The airlock bags are accessed via zippers to the bags from the outside of the Chamber. Once the devices or medication are placed into the bag, the outside zipper is closed creating a good seal. The medical staff are then able to access the items by unzipping the bag from inside the Chamber, as the external wall zipper is closed this limits the escape of any infected aerosol.

Emergency Access Zipper

The front of PAMS Capsule has a large emergency access zippered window used in the critical event where the health workers need emergency access to the patient.

PAMS Chamber allows liberal movement, which affords further access to the patient’s upper body and torso, allowing for lateral positioning if required, beneath the floor of the capsule.

Head and Neck Collar

PAMS Chambers Head/Neck opening is placed over a patient’s head/neck, the elastic draw string and clamp buckle is adjusted to create a seal leaving the head exposed.

Gusseted Chamber Floor

The bottom floor has the head/neck opening fitted to it, which includes an emergency trachea access window. The floor gusset allows a 400mm of vertical movement for varying patient sizes and positional adjustment for the varying ED, Theatre, Ward beds and Trolleys.

The gusseted floor allows for patients to be rolled, sat up, lying flat the collar and floor allows for excellent movement so a patient can be rotated allowing for excellent movement.

Suspension Frame & Pole

PAMS Chamber is suspended on a reusable frame and pole support system. The Chamber can be easily and rapidly attached to the frame with Velcro straps.

We are working on a few adjustable pole systems that will allow it to be adjusted in height and have 360 degree of swing movement. This will help with assembly for use and movement of the patient. We are developing sleeves that will allow the poles to be fitted to most trolleys, bed and theatre tables.

Why Do You Need PAACE Capsule


While PAACE Capsule has so many applications, COVID-19 is our current concern and going to be a long battle, we need to protect all our health care workers so that they can go home to the love of their families. Doctors, nurses, and health workers have become very aware of the risks involved with respect to caring and treatment of the Covid-19 patients. There is a great need for protection of these personnel from such a virus, where a single infected member of a team will result in isolation of the remainder of the team for 14 days, not to mention the other ill effects and serious consequences of succumbing to the virus.

PAACE Capsule removes distancing requirements for infected or suspected infected patients and the need for large treatment areas or individual rooms.
A COVID infected theatre is taken out of use for 30 minutes for cleaning.

PAACE Capsule will reduce the incidence of cross-infection to health workers and will also allow the families to visit patients in wards/ICU and be supported in their recovery or in the last moments of their life.

PAACE Capsule allows great functionality for movement of the patient and transfers to and from ambulance trolley, emergency room, operating table, intensive care beds.

PAACE Capsule was designed for protection of doctors, nurses and health workers involved with airway management. The versatility in its application has now grown tenfold involving further development and modifications for its continuing demands in application of the product.

The Capsule can be utilised in emergency departments, operating theatres and intensive care units. The Capsule can remain in place on the patient during this whole process of transfers, which will reduce exposure of the healthcare workers to Covid or other infectious aerosols.

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PAMS Manufacturers


Abbey is only a small manufacturing business and has had to fund the whole process, we have manufacture several versions of the capsule, each version having at least 2 prototypes being worked on for 4 months straight, we have travelled to Coffs on 5 occasions over the past 4 months for testing and training.


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