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Theatre Table Mattress Covers – Box 30



Size 2050mm x 620mm x 300mm drop
Code – 1958A

Box of 30

  • Total mattress protection from liquids and bio hazard substances
  • Reduces labour intensive cleaning requirements
  • Extends life of mattress
  • Custom sizes can be manufactured to suit any mattress, MOQ
  • Non slip material reduces patient movement
  • Smooth welded seams for easy and fast cleaning
  • Multiple uses without the need to replace after each procedure

Our Disposable Mattress Covers have been designed in conjunction with Australia’s leading liver transplant surgeons, clinical nurse consultants and Liver transplant team at R.P.A.

Our custom medical products

  • Theatre Table Mattress Covers – Custom

  • Overshoe Protective Covers – Box of 50

  • Portable Airway Aerosol Containment & Evacuation Capsule

  • Medical Full Face Shields – Box of 100


Additional information


Operating Table Mattress cover 2050 x 620 x 300mm drop down sides


Latex free, Bacterial resistant, Anti- static and 100% waterproof soft pliable vinyl